River Cafe Puerto Vallarta

River Cafe is a unique family project led by Vallartenses, conceived since the beginning with the intent of providing food lovers an excellent dining option in the region. Two decades of experience have positioned River Cafe as one of the leaders of regional cuisine; with a prime location in the heart of the city, along the Río Cuale, River Cafe is a place recurred by locals and tourists attracted by its delicious creations, excellent service and friendly atmosphere.

River Cafe is conformed by a solid and talented work team, whose main objective is to provide the best service to its guests. With a philosophy of responsibility, harmony and passion for cooking and nature, River Cafe offers a gourmet concept with a traditional flair, always looking to implement local products of the highest quality in every dish.


River Cafe was conceived from a motivation to start her own business, previous experience in the restaurant business gave its founder the certainty to pursue her objective; she has always strived to offer an attractive place for the local community and the visitors. In 1996 she had the opportunity to acquire what was once the Chilli Willis, a place that was perfect for what she was looking; for its beautiful natural setting and location in the heart of the city. With the support of many people, but especially her family, she was able to open River Cafe that same year.

The place was modestly suited for the opening, harmonizing the wonderful surroundings with a fresh image, which over the years has been thru many changes and renovations, always looking to please and best serve its guests, whose continued support have contributed to the River Cafe‘s success almost 20 years after its opening.