Date: Octubre 3

Time: 11:30 a 14:00


Venue: River Cafe Puerto Vallarta

Since 1984, Jazz Dagen has traveled the world with the best of Jazz musicians and Jazz followers from all over the world. When it comes to Puerto Vallarta, River CafĂ© has became it’s Venue since 2005, and this years we would like to invite you to enjoy the unbeatable fusion among the best Jazz music with the Cuisine you already know.

Reservation is requiered

Musicians in this edition:

Harry Allen – saxophone

Jeff & Anne Barnhart – piano and flute Juliarna Clark – vocals

James Clark – bass

Jacob Fischer – guitar

Duke Heitger – trumpet

Tom Hook – piano and vocals

Paul Keller – bass

Dick Maley – drums

Pieter Meijers – clarinet and saxophone Eddie Metz Jr. – drums

Randy Morris – piano

Russ Phillips – trombone

Chuck Redd – vibes and drums

Antti Sarpila – clarinet and saxophone Richard Simon – bass

Jason Wanner – piano


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