Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast in Puerto Vallarta

In the morning, enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast with the best combinations of flavors and chef’s suggestions
Daily from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Appetizers to Share

$40 Stuffed Gordita

Chicken | Chicharrón | Poblano Strips
Beans, cheese, sour cream and sauce.

Light Breakfast

$89 Seasonal Fruit Plate

$95 Fruit Bowl

With plain yogurt and granola or cottage cheese

$82 Oatmeal

Milk, to choose from Banana, Fresh Berries and Homemade Granola.

Sweet Temptations

$89 Pancakes

(3 pz) Banana, pecan, strawberry, nutella

$110 Waffles

(1 pz) Banana, pecan, strawberry, nutella

$120 Sweet Crepes

Banana, pecan, strawberry, nutella

$115 French Toast

Brioche bread filled with strawberry cream cheese , served with fresh fruit.

From The Farm

$135 Ranch Style Eggs

Fried eggs with gordita of chicharron, refried beans, panela cheese and avocado.

$145 Eggs Benedict

2 poached eggs over english muffin with pork loin and hollandaise sauce.

$130 Motuleños Style Eggs

2 fried eggs over tortilla with fried beans, ham, peas, au gratin tomato sauce and grilled plantain.

$135 Poached Eggs over Sopes

In green and red sauce with refried beans, sour cream, onion and panela cheese.

$110 Nopales with Eggs

Mexican style scrambled eggs with nopales (cactus) with refried beans, panela cheese and avocado

$95 2 Eggs Any Style

Fried, poached, scrambled, rancheros, mexican style, divorced. Served with refried beans.

$110 Build your own Omelette

(3) Ingredients to choose , ham, bacon, sausage, chorizo, onion, tomato, spinach, mushrooms or cheese.


Egg whites Omelette or Extra Egg +$15

$149 Shrimp Omelette

With gouda cheese, roasted pineapple and mulata sauce

$135 Ranchero Omelette

With chili steak strips, served with chilaquiles, refried beans and avocado

$165 Smoked Salmon Omelette

Cream cheese, smoked salmon, caper chimichurri and creamy dill sauce

$125 Florentine Omelette

Spinach, onion, bell pepper and mushrooms served with hollandaise sauce.

$120 Egg White Frittata

Zucchini, asparagus, tomato, onion, basil and fruit.

Sandwiches and More…

$135 Scrambled Egg and Bacon Croissant

Gouda cheese, avocado, hash brown and fruit.

$135 Monte Cristo Sandwich

Delicious battered ham and gouda cheese sandwich. Served with a blueberry compote

$175 Smoked Salmon Bagel

Cream cheese , caper chimichurri and red onion.

$145 Ricotta Cheese Crepes

With mushrooms and zucchini with avocado sauce

Full Breakfast

$165 Hawaian Breakfast

Bagel with cream cheese and jam, fresh fruit, orange juice and coffee.

$195 Patrona Breakfast

Two fried or scrambled eggs, (2) french toast, (2) bacon, fruit, orange juice and coffee


$155 Carne con Chile

Beef strips in a spicy ranchero sauce, served with chilaquiles, refried beans, avocado and panela cheese.

$175 Campirano

Grilled flank steak, two fried eggs, corn quesadilla, refried beans and avocado.

$165 Pork Ribs in Red Sauce

Served with chilaquiles, refried beans, avocado and panela cheese.

$165 Chicharron in Red Sauce

Served with chilaquiles, refried beans, avocado and panela cheese

$195 Beef Tongue

In red sauce, boiled beans and guacamole.

$175 “Alambre”

Grilled flank steak strips with poblano and onion au gratin, served with tortillas, refried beans and guacamole

Extra Side

$16 Homemade pastries

$42 Sausages, ham or bacon

$35 Croissant o/or Bagel

$42 Panela or cottage cheese

$32 Refried beans

$35 Papa hash brown

$45 Sweet molletes

$72 Molletes w/beans

$79 Molletes w/chorizo

$42 Chilaquiles